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University of Louisville
Electric motor assisted bicycles (e-bike) will ease the burden of transportation for students and employees while contributing to green efforts. This business venture will target universities and corporate campuses as potential clients. Transportation between buildings and to work can be cumbersome and time consuming. Market research shows that this causes stress about arriving to destinations on time.
Our eco-friendly electrically assisted bicycle (e-bike) enables riders to travel quickly and easily right up to the doors of their destination with minimal physical effort (or maximum if they prefer) and an element of entertainment as a bonus. The major features which distinguish this product from others are the specially designed solar powered bike racks, integrated systems and next gen kinetic powered pedal charging. The solar powered bike racks will provide a means by which a person’s identity and payment may be verified prior to the release of a rental e-bike. The racks serve as locking mechanisms and charging docks that will use solar energy to recharge the lithium-ion batteries. The entire system will monitor bicycle charging times and battery levels, intelligently selecting and rotating e-bikes as they come and go and keeping track of routine maintenance. Riders can use their identification cards or credit card to rent an e-bike with a range of several miles. Convenience and ease of use will be key to market penetration.
Michael Crabtree
Business Administration
Dennis Barrett