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University of Virginia

Our invention is a biological device that will attach to plants and degrade excess pesticides into a non-toxic derivative. In order to use the device, a farmer would only need to apply the AgroSpheres solution to his crops a few hours before harvest, the same way he would apply any pesticide. The AgroSpheres would then degrade the pesticides and the crop would be safe to handle and consume. While our pesticide-degrading products are applicable to all realms of agricultural production, our initial target market is vineyards, because of the established need and our strategic position in Charlottesville, Virginia. AgroSpheres allows the farmer to harvest their produce on-demand while complying with the Pre-Harvest Intervals set by the EPA. AgroSpheres prevents stuck fermentation and the tainting of the wine’s flavor profile caused by pesticide residue in the fermentation process. AgroSpheres greatly diminishes the health risks workers face when harvesting their crop.

Payam Pourtaheri
Biomedical Engineering
Ameer Shakeel
Biomedical Engineering
Joey Frank
Biomedical Engineering
Sep Zomorodi
Biomedical Engineering
Zach Davis