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Wake Forest University

Over 40% of the average golfer’s strokes are putts and golfers of all levels agree that putting is the most frustrating part of the game. Puttr seeks to cut out those extra strokes and improve scores by serving players interactive three dimensional models of greens, precise to the centimeter, through their mobile device. These models will feature color indexed topographical data to allow the user to read the green curvature better than they would with the naked eye alone. We aim to project the path of the ball from a practice stroke onto our models to allow players to gauge the break and put the right power into each stroke. Our solution is to make putting more of a science than an art by providing the best and most accurate data to the player in order to sink that putt and lower their score. 

Creating precise models of course greens used to take hours, expensive laser technology, and was not photorealistic. Our methods take less than a quarter of the time and create beautiful photorealistic models that look like the real thing to aid in course maintenance and renovation. They serve as a guide to keep a course design consistent throughout adverse weather conditions and general wear and tear that morph the green’s original design. Previously courses used two foot square grids to measure their green’s dimensions, but our models are precise to the centimeter to take the guess work out of greenkeeping.

Jackson Griffin
Business Administration
Clancy Waugh
Alec White
Computer Science