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University of Notre Dame

Ecuador exports over 25% of the world's bananas and several other tropical fruits. Unfortunately, 25% of the production is wasted before reaching international markets solely due to cosmetic standards. For instance, if a banana is slightly too long, short or curved it is thrown away despite being perfectly nutritious. Takay buys these tropical fruits, chops them, and mixes them with superfoods to turn them into a premium meal.

Takay is a ready­-to-blend targeted nutrition meal replacement made with whole tropical fruits and superfoods. Just add your favorite choice of milk and blend it to drink it. Every flavor has the ideal complete balance of macronutrients recommended by nutritionists, and no artificial ingredients or preservatives at all. 

Takay can be taken as a smoothie on-­the­-go, when blended with a liquid base, or as a smoothie bowl, when also blended with yogurt, which feels like having ice ­cream for breakfast while at the same time having the healthiest meal possible.

While there are many meal replacements, they are all highly processed, and come either in the form of powder or already liquefied with additives. Takay is made with raw, whole & pure ingredients only.

Our ingredients are selected and carefully measured to help you keep a slim and toned body weight. Takay fuels your day with the perfect balance of tropical fruits and superfoods picked for you by a team of chefs and nutritionists. 
You select the flavors, we deliver to your doorstep. No waste, no mess.

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