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Duke University

Signing up for a race is a major investment. In the running world, our initial target market, race tickets can cost anywhere from $50-$250, hotel and travel expenses are not cheap, and many days of training are spent in preparation for the big day. Despite the investments runners make to meet their personal goals, most walk up to the start line blind. The current standard, an online map outline, makes it extremely difficult to learn the ins and outs of a course. Therefore, many neglect mental training all together and have a much harder time achieving their race day goals. 

Neurun unlocks the potential of your brain on race day. We have created interactive virtual tours where race participants can click any mile marker on one of our maps, enter the course at the selected point, select the viewing speed, and learn the locations of hills, water stations, restrooms, and other valuable course-specific information, all from their phone. With Neurun, you'll be mentally equipped to take on your next challenge!

Cade Netscher