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Duke University

Finding the right mental health care is challenging. With one in four Americans suffering from mental illness at some point in their life, with 30% of them experiencing multiple disorders, millions of people each year are in need of mental health care. To make matters more difficult, health institutions lack the infrastructure to keep information on mental health resources up to date, leaving them unable to help patients find mental health care. Health care is stigmatized, and people don't know where to start looking for care.

MiResource is an online platform that works to match patients to the right mental health resources based on their condition(s). It allows the user to filter by their individualized needs and preferences, ensuring that they are matched to the right resources. MiResource provides health institutions with the software to create personalized platforms within their own communities. Some of our customers include Montclair State University, Duke University, James Maddison University and more. Our goal is to help youth seamlessly find their right therapeutic fit so they are finally able to receive the care they need.

Mackenzie Drazan
Public Policy
Gabriela Asturias
Nina Bidikov
Neuroscience and Biology
Emily Berkowitz
Robert Rappleye