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Wander Without Worry
University of Miami

Wander Without Worry is a health-conscious, allergy-friendly meal preparation service that delivers peace of mind directly to your doorstep - or if you’re traveling, to your hotel! At Wander Without Worry, we pride ourselves on not allowing any of the top 12 allergens to ever enter our facility. EVER! This is great news not only for people with food allergies but also for people with other dietary restrictions and/or health preferences such as Celiac's Disease, Chron's Disease, and IBS. These people need the proper separation of ingredients to ensure that they do not have a reaction. The problem with today’s food-prep companies is that you can never truly be sure if your meal is actually free from your allergen or intolerance. Sure, these companies may market their meals as “gluten-free” or “dairy-free,” but in reality, these meals aren’t truly free from the potential cross-contact that occurs in a facility that mass-produces these meals without the proper techniques. That’s why our motto at Wander Without Worry is simple: to make life easier for you! First, we source our natural ingredients from suppliers that share our philosophy of transparency. Then, these ingredients are brought into our non-shared facility to mingle and become your flavor-packed meal. Finally, the meals are then shipped in our special insulation bags from our facility directly to your home or hotel for you to enjoy. Whether you are at home or on the road, we bring our meals to you, allowing you to truly Wander Without Worry.

Cody Sklar
Business Administration