ACC InVenture Prize Competition 2016

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Georgia Tech hosted the inaugural ACC InVenture Prize competition.

Congratulations to the first-place winners, BioMetrix from Duke University, the second-place winners, Contraline from University of Virginia, and the People's Choice Award winners, FireHUD from Georgia Tech.

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Georgia Tech

Competing Teams

EZ Cork

Wake Forest University

EZ Cork is an innovative wine opening solution that eliminates the need for additional tools and aftermarket wine stoppers.

Yard Mapper

Virginia Tech

Yard Mapper uses Bluetooth to keep track of semi-truck trailers at distribution centers.


University of Virginia
Second Place Winner

Contraline is developing a novel male contraceptive that lasts years, is reversible, and does not require surgery to insert.


University of North Carolina

CommuniGift is an invitation and gift-purchasing platform that enables birthday children to invite their guests to gift to a child in need.


University of Miami

Royal is a new platform that turns customer's existing credit and debit cards into universal cash-back loyalty cards.


Syracuse University

PowerSpike is an online marketplace which connects Streamers, eSports Organizations and Sponsors under one platform.


University of Pittsburgh

POD is a portable oxygen delivery system that uses porous materials to concentrate a 1 hour supply of oxygen in a standard aluminum can, offering patients freedom from their traditional, bulky, dangerous, high-pressure tanks.

Banco de Alimentos Panama

University of Notre Dame

Banco de Alimentos Panama is an organization affiliated to the Global Food Banking Network that collects, classifies and distributes food that would otherwise be wasted or destroyed to Panamanians living in extreme poverty.


North Carolina State University

Trakex develops the most versatile dimensioning technology for the trucking industry.


University of Louisville

An electric bicycle with solar charging racks rental service for universities and corporations will ease the burden of transportation while supporting green efforts. 


Georgia Tech
People's Choice Winner

FireHUD is a real time monitoring system and Head Up Display (HUD) that displays biometric and environmental data to firefighters and outside officials.

Unhoused Humanity, Inc.

Florida State University

Unhoused Humanity is a 501(c)3 organization that leverages crowdfunding to help homeless individuals/families with stable incomes who cannot afford their initial move-in costs.


Duke University
First Place Winner

BioMetrix is simply an easy to use solution to keep teams healthier longer.


Boston College

Mocean is a real-time music application that enables anyone to become a live and interactive radio station by playing music from their favorite music streaming service.

Schlageter Packaging

Boston College

A replacement for styrofoam in the $2.96 billion cold chain packaging market.


Vivienne Goldstein
Global Director, Innovation Acceleration at GE
& Co-Founder, FastWorks

Doron Weber
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Vice President and Program Director


Faith Salie

Ashley Mengwasser