ACC InVenture Prize Competition 2017

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Georgia Tech hosted the second annual ACC InVenture Prize competition.

All teams were selected by their respective institutions to compete in the preliminary round on March 30, 2017, and five teams advanced to the televised final round on March 31, 2017.

Congratulations to the first-place winners, AgroSpheres, the second-place winners,Tech Wound Solutions, and the People's Choice Award winners, CauteryGuard.

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Georgia Tech

Competing Teams


Duke University

Neurun is the Yelp for racing events coupled with interactive virtual tours, designed to mentally prepare you for race day.


Georgia Tech
People's Choice Winner

A safer electrocautery device, CauteryGuard seamlessly integrates automatic retractability without sacrificing usability which allows it to eliminate any chance of initiating a surgical fire or inflicting cautery burns to either the user or the patient in the operating room.

Takay Blends

University of Notre Dame

25% of tropical fruits are wasted before reaching international markets due to high cosmetic standards, the Takay team utilizes them to create the healthiest and most convenient breakfast possible.


University of North Carolina

The LaundrFi device and app manages and tracks the drying process of your laundry remotely, ultimately enhancing the laundry experience by saving time, money and energy.


Boston College

BusWays notifies parents when their child gets on & off their school bus & gives schools live data & stats on their bus fleet!


University of Miami

CleanSwipe is a mobile platform that provides users an easy way to schedule laundry appointments on college campuses.


Florida State University

Safebriight is a smart device technology, easily installed in existing street lights, that utilizes a mesh network to monitor and report outages, providing improved public safety and extensive cost savings for the utility owner.

Fresh U

Syracuse University

Fresh U is a media platform that integrates data analytics to help business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations and brands understand qualitative and quantitative factors, purchasing trends, and patterns of Generation Z, which makes up 25% of the U.S. population, and is a larger cohort than the Baby Boomers or Millennials.

The SPARTAN Shield

University of Louisville

The SPARTAN Shield is a new and innovative solar panel mounting system allowing renewable energy to be provided for those in third world countries, rural areas, and even disaster sites.


North Carolina State University

Medtraq is an IoT solution that aims to reduce healthcare costs by using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to provide asset tracking, provide real time location services, and ensure handwashing compliance in hospitals.


Wake Forest University

Puttr creates, manipulates, and serves photorealistic three dimensional models of golf course greens to help players read breaks and aid in course maintenance.

Tech Wound Solutions

Virginia Tech
Second Place Winner

Tech Wound Solutions has created Kare Powder that is a topical, advanced wound care dressing that enables faster and more effective healing for chronic wound care patients.

Monarch Solar

University of Pittsburgh

Monarch Solar has developed a modular rooftop solar device with mobile based pay-as-you-use technology for areas with little, to no, access to electricity.


University of Virginia
First Place Winner

AgroSpheres is a biotech company that gives farmers precise control over their harvesting schedule by degrading excess pesticides into a non-toxic derivative, allowing the farmer to harvest their produce on-demand while complying with the Pre-Harvest Intervals set by the EPA.


Boston College

AuriClear removes blockage from a tympanostomy tube to prevent hearing loss and additional surgery.


Chris Clark
Georgia Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO

Sri Divakaruni
United Technologies Corporation
Vice President of Innovation Business Development, Rhizome Network


Faith Salie

Ashley Mengwasser