ACC InVenture Prize Competition 2018

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Georgia Tech hosted the third annual ACC InVenture Prize competition.

Congratulations to the first-place winner, InMEDBio, the second-place winners, Four Growers, and the People's Choice Award winners, InMEDBio.

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Georgia Tech

Competing Teams


Georgia Tech

A first of its kind aiming device for competitive archery.


Wake Forest University

NORI is an elongated flat iron for clothes featuring fabric-specific heat settings that removes wrinkles with ease.

Wander Without Worry

University of Miami

Wander Without Worry is a health-conscious, allergy-friendly meal preparation service that delivers peace of mind directly to your doorstep.

Watchdog Medical

University of North Carolina

Watchdog Medical is developing a device for early detection of necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants in the NICU.


Boston College

Trackster is a running app created to help teams log and celebrate their training. At the core the app has a stopwatch which uses the volume buttons so workout and race times are saved automatically. Athletes can also use Trackster to log all of their general training with routes, images, partners & much more.

Pascal Tags

University of Louisville

Our invention is a smart, passive, battery-free inventory tag that allows location tracking of company assets for ten-fold the price of current systems.


Syracuse University

In-Spire is a sleek, wearable, refillable asthma inhaler bracelet that is an effective new medication delivery method. 


Florida State University

DiaTech is creating a device that alerts a person with diabetes if their insulin pump is malfunctioning and not successfully delivering the desired insulin injection necessary to regulate their blood glucose levels.


Virginia Tech

AccuTemp by ThermaSENSE is a wearable sensor that measures athlete core temperature in real-time and prevents heat exhaustion and stroke.


University of Virginia
First Place Winner
People's Choice Winner

InMEDBio, LLC is the creator of Phoenix-Aid, a five-layer wound dressing that meshes the ABCs of chronic wound care: Accelerating Healing, Blocking Infections, and Comforting the Wound, into one cost-effective product that is ideal for treating patients in emerging markets.


Duke University

MiResource is an online platform designed to help match patients to the right mental health care for their individualized needs.


University of Notre Dame

Lumen uses an array of sensors and calibrated algorithms to record accurate UV readings in order to provide people with personalized UV exposure data to help them monitor their skin cancer risk.


North Carolina State University

Chemios is a revolutionary cloud laboratory that makes chemistry research more efficient, accessible, and affordable.

Four Growers

University of Pittsburgh
Second Place Winner

Four Growers is utilizing emerging technology and advancements in robotics to create a robot that autonomously harvests greenhouse crops, enabling greenhouse farmers to expand their operations, reduce their production costs, and increase their yields.


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Kim Seals
The JumpFund
General Partner

Chris Clark
Georgia Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO

Sri Divakaruni
United Technologies Corporation
Vice President of Innovation Business Development, Rhizome Network


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Ashley Mengwasser