ACC InVenture Prize Competition 2019

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Georgia Tech hosted the fourth annual ACC InVenture Prize competition.

Congratulations to the first-place winners, MIST, the second-place winners, MedUX, and the People's Choice Award winners, MIST.

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Georgia Tech

Competing Teams

Redshift Education

Virginia Tech

Redshift Education builds project-based learning content in virtual reality.


Syracuse University
Second Place Winner

Our product is L-IV (Liberating Intravenous). L-IV is a wearable, more portable solution to IV treatment. It allows the user to abandon the constant reminder of their sickness being the IV Pole using both gravity fed methods and pressure infusion methods.

InnoHealth Diagnostics

Florida State University

InnoHealth Diagnostics is a social enterprise that empowers communities in Nigeria and beyond to eliminate neglected tropical diseases, starting with schistosomiasis, by using culturally-competent, point-of-care DNA amplification devices to achieve early diagnosis of the infection: increasing the communities’ quality of life and work-life years.


Wake Forest University

Our product is the first formaldehyde free, hypoallergenic shin guard on the market.


University of Virginia
People's Choice Winner
First Place Winner

Minimally Invasive Spinal Technology (MIST), LLC is the creator of ThIRA, a patent-pending disc replacement system which dynamically treats children with scoliosis and is aimed at improving patient quality of life, without the invasiveness, pain, and long recovery time of current procedures.


University of Pittsburgh

Trek is developing a unique, portable, and chewable teeth cleaning solution for people on the go.


University of Notre Dame

DeLive aspires to increase the survival rates of people in need of time-sensitive medical care through the rapid deployment of emergency medicine via unmanned aerial systems.


University of North Carolina

Phyta has designed innovative strategies for seaweed cultivation to offer a sustainable, alternative ingredient for various consumer products while promoting climate resilience and economic development.


University of Louisville

A smart headlight for bicyclist that provides them with greater safety, visibility, and riding time.

Portal Technologies

North Carolina State University

Portal is a counter-top retail platform that allows brands to reach their target audiences through the power of computer vision and host curation.

Ethos Medical

Georgia Tech

Ethos is making spinal taps quicker and safer by providing an intuitive real-time needle guidance system for use right at the patient’s bedside.


Duke University

Zogo is a white-labeled, financial education focused, mobile banking application that helps teenagers become better at money management.

Brüzd Foods Inc.

Boston College

Brüzd Foods is a social enterprise with a goal to combat and reduce food waste by rescuing and recovering imperfect, unwanted produce and redistributing it to consumers in an affordable and accessible subscription box.


Ravila Gupta
Bagchi Group
Chief Executive Officer

James Fritz
James Fritz
Collins Aerospace
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives

Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook
Undercover Colors
CEO and Board Member


Faith Salie

Ashley Mengwasser