North Carolina State University

American chemists spend 27 million hours annually on repetitive, error-prone tasks. Currently, automation solutions that could save chemists time are too expensive or too difficult to use. Chemios solves this problem through a beautifully designed cloud laboratory.

The setup is simple. A chemist designs a reaction on our web application, and our automated reactors run and analyze the reaction at Chemios headquarters. The chemist then views the results in real time online.

Our users only pay $100/hour for the time they use, giving them access to advanced automation at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. With Chemios, chemistry research is efficient, accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Kobi Felton
Chemical and Biomolecular Eng
Casey Hillenburg
Mechanical Engineering
Shraddha Rathod
Computer Engineering
Chandler Gonzales
Computer Science