University of North Carolina
People's Choice Winner

EATS2SEATS restructures staffing operations through a mobile technology and business platform that allows nonprofits to sign up to work concession stands during specific times that fit their schedules, staffing capacities and fundraising goals.

The primary reason nonprofit organizations fail is financial instability. Fundraising is challenging for most organizations, but especially for smaller nonprofits. Event venues–particularly sports stadiums and arenas–have long partnered with local nonprofits to work concession stands, helping them raise money for their causes. Typically, nonprofits contract with venues to staff a specific concessions stand for an entire season. However, due to the longevity of seasonal contracts and the extensive human capital required, smaller nonprofits have trouble meeting the contract requirements. As a result, too many nonprofits lose fundraising potential, while concession businesses lose revenue from slow, understaffed stands.

Our system bridges the costly staffing gap and remediates venue inefficiencies. With a personalized approach to meeting nonprofit’s capabilities, EATS2SEATS saves venues resources and expands access to fundraising channels in the communities we serve. Additionally, EATS2SEATS provides excellent service to fans through preordering, food delivery and contactless pickup. Our multi-faceted business model provides value to venues, fans, and nonprofits alike.

Post-COVID, partnerships with EATS2SEATS will enable venues to get quickly back on their feet, and nonprofits to reemerge supercharged: we will fuel their missions, and their missions will fuel our impact.

EATS2SEATS: serving concessions and communities, one snack at a time.

Mary Laci
Business Administration