Four Growers

Four Growers
University of Pittsburgh
Second Place Winner

The greenhouse vegetable market in US and Canada in 2012 is valued at $2B and has been increasing at a rate of 6% every year. Internationally, this $97B industry’s largest problem is their labor force is increasing in cost, decreasing in availability, and deteriorating in reliability. Four Growers is developing a proprietary harvesting robot that enables greenhouses to lower production costs, increase yields, expand their operations, and increase their profitability by 60%. Four Growers' robot utilizes custom machine learning based computer vision algorithms to identify ripe tomatoes and to analyze plant health. The robot also includes a custom, proprietary end effector (gripper part of robot) to enable faster, higher quality harvesting. Currently we are working with organizations that represent 20% of the domestic greenhouse tomato industry and they are all excited to test our beta this December, some of whom have signed letters of intent.

Brandon Contino
Electrical Engineering
Dan Chi
Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Garcia