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LZRD Tech was founded around our grip-enhancing LZRD compression sleeve used to reduce the likelihood a football player would fumble the ball. Our unique combination of grip enhancement, moisture removal, abrasion resistance, and integrated compression offers something never before seen on the market. The LZRD sleeve proved to be an instant hit among NFL and collegiate athletes alike. As our growth progressed, we came to the realization that this technology might have appeal to a broader customer.

Package handlers, warehouse workers, caregivers, moms and dads carrying in the groceries; the list goes on and on for those who need a way to improve their grip and protect their arms.

Though many users may not be “D1 athletes”, they are engaged in active movements where securely handling their “football” is also important. It may not be a football, but chances are you have seen delivery drivers carrying many boxes who could use a boost in their grip. It’s no secret that athletes are given the best equipment and treatment to give them the greatest chance at success. Our mission at LZRD Tech is to treat the active worker like we would the Division I athlete.

Our internationally patented grip-enhancing arm sleeve allows the user to grab more, protect against abrasions, stay cool, and reduce fatigue. This product equips the everyday person with technology once only reserved for our top sportsmen and sportswomen. Everyone deserves to be given the star quarterback treatment, and that’s what drives us here at LZRD Tech.

Michael Pullen
Biomedical Engineering