Mound Power

Mound Power
University of Notre Dame

Baseball pitchers are obsessed with efficiency. The more they can tweak and develop their game, the better chance they have of making it to the big leagues. Pitchers spend hours and hours improving mechanics to reduce injury risk and improve performance. Coaches and biomechanics experts agree that the key to success as a pitcher is solid lower body mechanics.

By refining the propulsive motion produced by their back leg, pitchers can remove strain from the fragile tendons in their arms and increase their pitch velocity. Unfortunately, no affordable technology currently exists that can accurately measure a pitcher's lower body engagement.

Mound Power is changing the game by providing coaches with quantitative lower body force measurements in real-time. The Mound Power device uses Bluetooth to connect with our user-friendly mobile application where the force measurements are organized and displayed. Using a phone to record, Mound Power pairs visualized data with synced slow-motion video to provide detailed insight into a pitcher's mechanics. With the information and guidance provided by Mound Power, average coaches can discern what adjustments are necessary to keep their pitchers healthy and effective as if they had a full staff of biomechanics experts at their side.

Richard McManus
Electrical Engineering