Nature’s Gift

Nature’s Gift
Nature’s Gift
Clemson University

In America, almost 7 billion tampons and tampon applicators were thrown away last year alone. With approximately 88% of tampon applicators being made of single use plastic, disposable applicators contribute significantly to waste issues.

The rise in sustainable mindsets is pushing forward more environmentally-conscientious shoppers, even within the realms of personal cosmetics and hygiene. Products like menstrual cups and period panties have risen in popularity recently as people who menstruate try to cut down on personal waste and incorporate more sustainable menstrual practices.

However, going green with menstrual products can be a daunting and oftentimes uncomfortable experience. Menstrual cups require users to learn entirely new processes for use and the clean-up process can get messy, especially when users are on-the-go. Cardboard tampons can be extremely uncomfortable or painful during insertion, even for experienced tampon users.

Nature’s Gift is the reusable tampon applicator for people who want to incorporate sustainable practices into their personal menstrual routines without compromising on comfort. Our product applies sustainability to the familiarity that many users already have with tampons. Nature’s Gift utilizes a unique petal design and hygienic materials to create a flexible applicator and smooth deployment process. When used with plain cotton inserts, Nature’s Gift cuts down on the 240 tampon applicators a user throws away each year.

People who menstruate know that periods are already a hassle to deal with, so why should being sustainable make it even harder? With Nature’s Gift, you can help the environment while also helping yourself.

Claudia Sisk
Marissa Jansen
Health Science