Pascal Tags

Pascal Tags
University of Louisville

Pascal Tags are a smart, passive, and battery-free inventory tag that will revolutionize the way companies track inventory. Pascal Tags creates asset tracking and inventory distortion solutions for companies of all sizes. Inventory distortion is the dilemma of overstocking and understocking of inventory. This is more than a trillion dollar loss for US companies annually. Our systems can easily be implemented into any warehouse or retail space using our patent pending technology that allows our tags to picked up using commonly used infrastructure. The current inventory systems on the market are confusing and expensive. With Pascal Tags, businesses will be able to passively track the location of their tags at all time, all while using a simple to use software. Our goal is to help companies everywhere take control of their inventory, reduce costs, and to have an easy product that anyone can use. Pascal Tags, a smarter way to inventory.

Haley C. Pfeiffer
Business Administration
Brandon T. Young
Electrical Engineering
Taylor Fatheree
Tim Burton
Computer Information System