Reachable Solutions

Reachable Solutions
University of Pittsburgh
Second Place Winner

When limited mobility becomes an issue, personal independence is often compromised. Our users describe how their difficulties in putting on a jacket, a task which may appear trivial, can severely hamper their ability to go outside for entire months of the year.

The inability to complete these ADLs (activities for daily living) is the primary reason over 9 million people are part of the long-term care system. Typically listed as the most difficult ADLs is dressing, including things like putting on a jacket. Our first product, the JacketJoy, addresses this issue and was developed with and for our users: it’s simple, portable, discreet, completely independent to use, and affordable. We’ve tested with over 100 users, half of whom couldn’t independently wear a jacket in over a year, and every single user could put on their jacket within 4-16 seconds with our device.

Since then, we’ve worked on designing other devices directly addressing the concerns of people with limited mobility, keeping the same quality standards we set when developing the JacketJoy: we’re currently patent-pending on two devices, with many more in development! Some of these new devices solve specific mobility issues such as helping people with limited upper body strength and balance get up from falls and helping people with a limited range of motion reach things that are now too far away. We’re Reachable Solutions, and we’re helping people regain independence, one task at a time. Learn more about us at!

Ravi Gandhi
Computer Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering
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Biomedical Engineering
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