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Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic that affects close to half a billion people. Managing it can be extremely complex for those who have been diagnosed. People who are concerned with maintaining a healthy blood sugar level (ie. diabetics) use several devices which have been described as inconvenient, painful and even discouraging.

Team SugEx combats that issue with a unique, all-in-one alternative: a smart, wearable glucose monitoring system called the SugEx Watch. The SugEx Watch is first, an accurate medical device, but second, it’s your daily companion. Our vision began with the purpose to tackle the less tangible diabetes effects that existing technologies continually overlook. At our company, the term “quality of life” takes on a new meaning. SugEx is pioneered by two students on a mission to improve the Sugar Experience of the 440 million diabetics worldwide. Russell Fearon, the CEO, is a mechanical and biomedical engineering graduate student. Ricardo Sanchez is an industrial and interaction design undergraduate.

Russell Fearon
Mechanical Engineering
Ricardo Sanchez
Industrial Design