University of Pittsburgh

A recent study by Colgate found that 37% of millennials have gone 2 or more days without brushing their teeth. To us, this is an astounding metric. It’s not completely surprising however, as current generations are spending less time at home and more time multitasking throughout the day. Due to the growing number of consumers reporting that conventional oral hygiene methods are inconvenient, our team is on a mission to reinvent the way people take care of their teeth.

Our solution to this oral health inconvenience is Trek. We are developing Trek to be a biodegradable, on-the-go solution to clean teeth; with the ultimate goal of reaching the effectiveness of a standard toothbrush. Although initially marketing to millennials, this chewable product is projected to satisfy oral health care needs of busy individuals, travelers, and anyone lacking a clean water source.

Emily Siegel
Lauren Yocum