UV Scope

UV Scope
North Carolina State University
First Place Winner

The UV scope is a handheld UV spectrometer that will enable food processing and medical professionals to measure the bacterial concentration of a surface in real-time.

Currently, this technology only exists in the research lab and relies on the use of extremely expensive equipment. We are building a compact device that leverages recent advancements in sensors and electronics to build a product that will change the way sanitation is measured and validated everywhere.

Human error in hospital sanitation leads to hundreds of thousands of illnesses and thousands of deaths yearly from unnecessary infection due to insufficient validation of their procedures and chemicals.

Additionally, food processing plants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ATP chemical test strips verifying their machines are safe for food production.

We are creating a handheld, battery-operated device, that will feel much like a portable barcode scanner you may see employees use at the grocery store. Instead of reading barcodes, we are looking at the concentration of bacteria present on a surface by transmitting ultra-violet light. Introducing bacteria to deep UV light makes them fluoresce, or emit their own different light. This light is still invisible to the human eye but we can detect it with our spectrometer and analyze the data to determine the concentration of bacteria.

We believe this technology has the capacity to significantly limit the spread of disease and change how hospitals and the food industry operate.

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