North Carolina State University

Abilihand is a cutting edge exoskeleton hand glove that will ease the pain of arthritis sufferers by providing assisted motion in everyday and therapeutic activities.


University of Virginia

AmityConnect is an AI-powered caretaking assistant that helps senior living caretakers offer proactive, data-driven care through actionable insight.


Florida State University
People's Choice

Barbot is your at-home, automated robotic bartender that creates a better drinking experience by creating better-tasting drinks faster, easier, and conveniently.


University of Notre Dame

Blueberry is a platform that will connect people with dietary conditions to the tailored meals and support communities they need to improve their wellbeing.

ByteSize Learning

ByteSize Learning
Wake Forest University

ByteSize Learning is an online educational company for children that provides introductory, project-based courses in computer-based software.


Georgia Tech
1st Place

carSEAL is a vascular closure device that can give surgeons the confidence to safely and effectively close the common carotid artery following endovascular procedures.


Clemson University
2nd Place

The CatheSure wirelessly detects a shunt malfunction in Hydrocephalus patients in under 5 minutes to streamline the diagnostic process and prevent unnecessary exploratory brain surgeries, prolonged hospital stays, and repeated radiation exposure.


Boston College

GiftPocket is marketplace that bridges a consumer facing digital wallet to help brands change how people use gift cards.


University of Miami

Guia is an application that sources real-time crime data to direct you via the safest methods of transportation to your destination.

Happy Loose Leaf Tea

Syracuse University

Happy Loose Leaf Tea company uses cutting edge engineering to innovate how to brew tea on the go, providing portability and convenience for lovers of high-quality loose leaf tea,


Duke University
2nd Place

Holoriff uses gesture recognition to convert hand motions into mouse input for any computer.


Virginia Tech

Building automation to land job-seekers 10x more interviews


University of North Carolina

QUVI is the world’s first universal water bottle sanitization device that can sanitize the interior and exterior of water bottles and personal belongings in under a minute.


University of Pittsburgh

Re-Solution is developing a smart contact case aimed at solving the problems associated with cleaning contact lenses to help wearers have healthy eyes.


University of Louisville

Digitize everything you need in a single connected bracelet.